What type of family support systems are in place in Children’s (or General) Hospitals following the death of a child?

This topic has been of interest to me for many years after countess families have shared that they were not given any support, resources, counseling, or even a hug, or “I’m so sorry that your child died in our care. What can we do to help you?” 

This topic stems from my PIPSQC blog post, “Partnering With Parents to Save Children’s Lives.” http://tinyurl.com/lulqlve

I need names and examples of facilities that are providing a “safety net” for families facing trauma, either death or diagnosis, to support bad news.

Pediatricians have asked me to write about what the emotional and physical impacts are on a family following a child’s death so that they can understand better, to help families more. Little has been written on this topic.  I would also like to give examples in the article about how hospitals are improving care and aftercare for children and families. What resources are you offering?

Please respond to this post or email me about what your hospital is doing to help families traumatized by illness or death. The ideas will be listed to help others not as far along on the compassionate care journey. micalizzidag@aol.com Thank you!

Addendum: Examples-

Bon Secours Charity Health System


 Boston Children’s:

Children’s Wisconsin: